Who We Are?

The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour is a community of believers who subscribe to the tenets of Lutheranism, the oldest and largest Protestant denomination in the world. Founded by the great reformer, Martin Luther, in the sixteenth century, the Lutheran church seeks to understand the Holy Scriptures and made available to all people by grace through faith.

THE BIBLE: We believe that Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired word of God given through the prophets, evangelists, and apostles to reveal the one, true, everlasting, God and His love for all people.

GOD: We believe in one God who has chosen to reveal the divine nature through three persons- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

MAN: We believe that the human being was created in the image of God—rational and moral, holy and immortal. We believe that mankind willfully rebelled against the will and authority of God by disobeying His commands. This rebellion is called sin and has gravely altered the original relationship between the creator and the created.

SIN:  We believe that sin is any breaking of the divine law as summarized by the Ten Commandments. We believe that all people are sinners and have thereby subjected themselves to death and separation from God.

REDEMPTION: We believe that God has redeemed all sinners from everlasting death through the life and death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that through faith in the sacrificial work of Christ, sinners are declared forgiven before God and possess the righteousness of Christ Himself, assuring them of the everlasting acceptance and approval of God. We believe that God has done all this for us out of pure grace and mercy, out of underserved and passionate love.

ETERNITY: We believe in life after death for all people. We believe that on the last day all people, the living and the dead, will be judged by God—not according to their works, but according to His work in Christ Jesus. Those who stand before His judgment throne robed in the righteousness of Christ will live with Him forever. Those who stand before Him without Christ’s righteousness will encounter separation from God.

COMMITMENT: We believe that redemption comes through simple faith in Christ Jesus but that God desires us to draw to Him through every endeavor of heart, mind, and soul. This means a lifelong commitment to 1) reflecting His love to all people, 2) the studying and hearing of His word, 3) and the partaking of His sacraments. It is through the word and Sacraments that the Spirit of God gives us truth, faith, and hope. It is through service to others that the Spirit of God gives us the joy of new life.

QUESTIONS: We believe that people should be encouraged to boldly confront the mysteries and questions that result from the perfect God communicating with the imperfect human being. Although we see God “as through a glass darkly” in this life, we nonetheless rejoice in the cross of Jesus that illuminates the Father’s present and eternal truth and love, as we wait the day we see Him “face to face”. Although we cannot always have a perfect answer to our imperfect questions, we always have the freedom to ask and the opportunity to trust in the source and giver of life.

Rev. Alfred Thiagarajan

Pastor Alfred R.Thiagarajan is a fourth generation minister in his family. He graduated in Masters in Divinity from New York Theological Seminary in the year 2006 and subsequently ordained to serve God and God ’s people. He is a bi-vocational minister. Having a Master’s Degree in Human Resources, he works for a Software development company in Manhattan, New York as Vice President-Resources. He is currently serving as a Pastor at “Lutheran Church of Our Savior”, Valley Stream, NY (www.oursaviourvalleystream.com). He is also serving at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Whitestone, NY( http://www.immanuelwhitestone.com ) as its Associate Pastor serving charge of Tamil Congregation. He serves as Protestant Chaplain at Bronx Psychiatry Center, Office of Mental Health, NY State. ( https://www.omh.ny.gov/omhweb/facilities/brpc/ ).
He is a talented Musician and composer of several songs. He has released two Albums so far. He has been trained in Karnatic music and fond of Tamil Keerthanaigal. He developed a style of preaching through songs mainly written and composed by his great Grand Fathers Ve.Santhiagu Pothagar and Ve.Masilamai Pothagar.
He has a great interest towards the language ‘Tamil’ and wrote several articles which have been published. He writes Tami poems and he is a Tamil blogger ( http://www.paradesiatnewyork.blogspot.com )which is now one of the top Tamil blogs worldwide. He is a Tamil Orator and participated in several Tamil Pattimanrams. He is currently a Joint secretary for New York Tamil Sangam which is the oldest Tamil Sangam in North America.
( http://www.newyorktamilsangam.org )
He is a keen Social worker and founder of Goodwill Foundation (www.goodwillcdp.org ) which does Social work in the tribal part of South India. He serves in the Board of “The Lutheran Care Network” (https://www.tlcn.org )
He is married to Ruth Elizabeth for 26 years and blessed with two daughters, Anisha and Abisha.

Church Secretary- Amanda Nelson
Organist – Dean Avloudos

Youth Leader – Anisha
Sunday School Teacher- Abisha
Media Network- Harvey Rajabaskaran

President – Suzanne Nelson
Vice President – Mary Ellen Mellina
Treasurer – Linda Schult
Financial Secretary – Herbert Yengel
Recording Financial Secretary – Carol Brismontier
Worship Coordinator – Carol Brismontier
House Committee – Bill Dulmage & Anthony Ficano

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